3 Tips Help You Get the Most from Your Facebook Fan Page

Proper promotion of Facebook fan pages is one of the biggest problems marketers need to solve today. Getting new fans to your page is critical for your success because having a large fan base can help you in more than one way. One easy way to reach a large number of people in your target market is to make sure your page is properly optimized for search engines. That's right: it is easy to SEO your fan page so that it will show up on the search engines and send traffic your way on a regular basis. The very best part about your day is that the people who see your page because of searching on the search engines will actually be interested in what you have to offer. Here are three easy tips that you can use to get a traffic boost through SEOing your Facebook page.

A simple trick that you can do is to get a lot of inbound links to your Facebook fan page because doing so will help your page get a higher page rank from the search engines. The same rules apply to a regular fan page; for example, the more inbound links point to your page, the stronger your page rank will be. Using "find us on Facebook" badges is a great way to get inbound links. In addition to that method, including a Fan Box widget on your page can also build your backlinks because the widget will include a link too.

There are some default areas where you audience can land, which you will see when you first build your page. Other than links, information and the well, these areas provide few alternatives. This problem, though, can be resolved with FBML, which is an application designed to add more boxes and tabs into a fan page where one can include content that is better optimized. You can thus set up more boxes and add more text, images and links to your page. Your general content score will increase, which is an advantage. What benefits are there from an SEO viewpoint? There is a better chance of getting Google to notice your fan page.

Your page must not be a simple landing page, and this is very important. Facebook allows you to make your page look how you want it, so you use that ability. Your search engine results will also be helped. So make the landing tab tailored to your target audience and have a call to action on it.

Give people more than just one reason to become a fan of your page. It's a mistake to have your visitors land on your wall because it doesn't really explain anything about your product or your brand. This means that it won't have any real impact on anyone visiting your fan page the first time.

Thus, it is clear that applying some SEO to your Facebook page is beneficial because it will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your page. You shouldn't let go of any opportunity to drive more traffic to your fan page because ultimately, the higher number of fans you have the more exposure you'll get. And remember, your fans are like your email subscribers, so treat them well.

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